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FullCircle Athletes Return to the Super Bowl

Congratulations to our clients, Jonathan Casillas of The New England Patriots and O’Brien Schofield of The Seattle Seahawks who will match up in this year’s Superbowl.  This will be the second appearance for both after Casillas’s won a Superbowl in 2010 with the New Orleans Saints and Schofield won last year with the Seahawks.  To learn more about what drives their success, click on the link to their official websites below.

Jonathan-Casillas.com  OBrien-Schofield.com





Creative Team helps kids find INNER SHAQ

Our creative team recently had the honor of working with the one and only Shaquille O’Neal on his INNER SHAQ campaign which encourages teens to make smart choices by listening to their #InnerShaq The campaign is part of an overall larger initiative created by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. 

Our Art Director, Will Redmond handled Executive Art Direction duties along with Brian Communications as our own Justin Jarrett Directed four separate spots that included cartoon animation in addition to filming with Shaq in Atlanta, GA.

Launch Project

Kick It and Click It World Cup App

In advance of this summers World Cup tournament in Brazil, we had the opportunity to work on a promotional video for business software intelligence company Qlik to promote their new Kick It and Click It App. The Kick It and Click It App lets you predict how the World Cup will play out. The App gives you statistical analysis for each team and compares statistics for each match-up to help you make your picks. Be sure to check out our collaboration with Qlik below.

Jonathan Casillas Forward Progress Camp

Jonathan Casillas is hosting a free camp June 21st 8:00 AM- 5:30 PM in his hometown at local New Brunswick High School. The camp is open to the first 200 participants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Casillas plans on teaching the kids how football and life skills are connected to one another.  For more information click the link below.


Hank Baskett Career Timeline Parallax

We are pleased to announce the addition of a career timeline parallax to Hank Baskett’s official website.  Parallax Scrolling is a special scrolling technique in computer graphics, wherein background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D website and adding to the immersion.  This is the first Parallax to be featured on one of our sites, but be on the lookout as we plan to further explore this technique in the future.  Click on the link below to check out Hank’s new parallax page featured on Hank-Baskett.com.

 Hank Baskett Career Timeline



Our creative team recently had the opportunity to work with The Century Counciil’s iDecide campaign starring Shaquille O’Neal and Bella Thorne.  They are serving as lead ambassadors for the new campaign, which encourages teens to focus on the importance of formulating and following individual decisions, this includes saying no to underage drinking. The campaign was designed to evoke a stay-true-to-yourself message and empower teens to act based on their personal beliefs.

Work Hard Win Easy

Get to know Outside Linebacker O’Brien Schofield, Seattle Seahawks #93.  In this episode O’Brien discusses what it was like growing up in a military family, the moment he knew he was going to the NFL and what made him decide to switch from offense to defense.

Hank Baskett Official Website

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 2.59.40 PM
We are proud to announce a partnership with former Philadelphia Eagles/Indianapolis Colts wide receiver and current reality TV star, Hank Baskett. The new partnership  will give us the opportunity to design his website as well as help him to continually develop his growing public image and brand.   Check out Hank’s new website below.



Jonathan Casillas

JC_POV_SLIDE2We are happy to announce a branding partnership with Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Jonathan Casillas. We will be helping Jonathan to strengthen his personal brand through the introduction of his official Website in addition to the creation of a series of online  videos. Jonathan is a talented linebacker on the rise and we are excited to partner with him as he enters the next phase of his career. To find out more about Jonathan check out his new website below.


Kurt Coleman Playing It Forward

FOLLOW ME ON AND OFF THE FIELD IN MY NEW WEB SERIES. I travel from Philadelphia back to my hometown in Ohio to reconnect with family and old friends, while rediscovering the five elements of my life that made me the man I am today—Faith, Family, Friends, Education and Football. Take the journey, walk the path – this is what I call Playing It Forward.

William Gholston

FL: Buffalo Bills vs Tampa Bay BuccaneersIntroducing the newest member of the FullCircle family, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie and Michigan State alum William “Too Tall” Gholston.  We will be partnering with Will to help guide him in the process of establishing his   brand through the creation of his official website  as well a series of online videos.  At 6’7″ 280 lbs.  William Gholston is a towering presence at  defensive end with the potential to become a dominant force on the defensive line for the Buccaneers.  To find out more about Gholston, check out his official website below.


Finley Untamed: Chapter Two – “Media Day”

In this episode: Jermichael attends Media Day for the most important interview of his life. Finley Untamed is a web series that chronicles the unique and talented, yet often misunderstood Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers, as he navigates the rigors of the NFL offseason, media and his never ending pursuit of becoming one of the greatest tight ends to ever play the game.

O’Brien Schofield

slide-2We are proud to announce a partnership with our newest client,  Seattle Seahawks linebacker O’Brien Schofield.  Through our partnership we will be helping O’Brien to continue to grow his brand as he continues to grow his talents on the field.  We will be creating O’Brien’s official website as well as a series of online videos that will give fans a look into the life of the talented linebacker.  Schofield is poised  to make an impact for a Seahawks defense that has already established itself as one of the best units in the entire NFL.  Check out his official website below to find out more about O’Brien.

O’Brien Schofield Official Website

Welcome Kacie McDonnell

1235497_238040396345008_980197195_nWe are excited to announce our new partnership with none other than Philadelphia’s favorite TV Personality Kacie McDonnell.  We are looking forward to helping Kacie continue to establish her brand as she grows through her career.


Finley Untamed: “Gameday”

In this Episode: Green Bay Packer’s Tight End, Jermichael Finley’s season takes an unexpected turn as he suffers a dangerous injury and is forced to miss his game on Monday Night Football VS the Chicago Bears. This episode takes us through Jermichael’s Gameday as his journey back to the field begins….

Finley Untamed is a web series that chronicles the unique and talented, yet often misunderstood Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers, as he navigates the rigors of the NFL offseason, media and his never ending pursuit of becoming one of the greatest tight ends to ever play the game.

Institute For Athletes


One of our favorite things to do is work with other forward thinking + progressive companies that aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to stand out…which is why our partnership with The Institute For Athletes to relaunch their online brand is right in our wheelhouse….check it out.


It’s Here

When you’re a tight end in the NFL you’re going to take a lot of big hits – mine however, haven’t always come on the field. I wasn’t trained to live in the spotlight, but I’m learning, I’m growing and after a chaotic offseason, I’m ready to start the next chapter in my life. This the story of how I got here – no holding back, straight from the heart…this is me…Untamed.


Jermichael Finley

551096_617776684909657_1938180111_nWe are excited to officially announce the addition of Jermichael Finley to the FullCircle family. We will be helping Jermichael to strengthen his brand through the creation of his official website,  helping him to establish his social media presence as well as through the creation of Finley Untamed, a behind the scenes web series. Finley Untamed will chronicle Jermichael ‘s life as he navigates the rigors of the NFL offseason, media and his never ending pursuit of becoming one of the greatest tight ends to ever play the game.


2013 ADDY Awards

safe_imageWe recently collected some hardware at the 2013 Philadelphia Addy Awards for our “Define Yourself” campaign. The promotional commercial took home a Gold Addy Award for Self Promotion in Digital Advertising and featured the voice talent’s of CBS/Showtime & FullCircle Intermedia Partner, “JB” James Brown.

Define Yourself

We are innovators, creators, collaborators and storytellers. A necessity to the age of the celebrity. A digital arm to a career spent shimmering under the blinding lights of scrutiny, specializing in helping professional athletes and entertainers to establish, develop and commercialize enduring digital brands for themselves as they move toward tomorrow.

Welcome to FullCircle


I’ve assembled a team of award winning branding professionals, documentarians and filmmakers to create the most innovative, interactive branding platform in the industry.

– “JB” James Brown, Chairman FullCircle Intermedia