Our team was recently tasked with creating the first commercial tv spot for the revolutionary, AXE Bats. Axe is a Seattle based baseball bat manufacturer owned by the legendary, Baden Sports.

The Axe Bat is the first bat built for your swing. Every part of it, from the handle to the end cap, is designed to help you perform better, train longer, and get the most out of your natural ability. Try it and you’ll see why we say the Axe Bat is how all bats would look, feel, and perform if the game were invented today, using today’s technology.

Over the course of two months, we concepted, wrote, planned and scheduled. When it was all said and done we had four camera crews, 2 Photography Crews, 25 Actors and Extras and over 60 people on set – and we had one night to capture everything.

We worked with the city of Camden, NJ to rent out Campbell’s Soup stadium for a night shoot. We worked with Axe to outfit 24 players and our lead character, Henry Frost III aka “The General” whom we flew in from Detroit, MI.

The results were incredible…