The Axe Bat introduces tomorrow’s technology to today’s player. Every inch, from the axe-shaped handle to the angled end cap, is engineered for bold performance. Experience more comfort. Transfer more power. Achieve more bat speed. All while training longer, safer. This is the most efficient swing you’ll ever take. Your cutting-edge advantage. This is the future of your pastime.

The Project

When we flew out to Seattle to meet with the Axe Bat Team and tour their facility - the first thing they told us was that we needed to come out swinging with their first commercial (pun intended). They wanted an in your face, hard-hitting spot that would get people excited to step up to the plate with their cutting-edge product. Our job was to create + concept, write, cast, and produce 3 commercial spots along with content to be utilized across their website and social media channels.

The Concept

Our concept centered around the creation of what we called, "The Axe Academy." The Academy would serve as a top secret training facility helping the most elite baseball talent in the world push their game to the next level by combining innovative product-performance and fusing it with their natural DNA. We knew we needed recruit and outfit top baseball talent and find the right man to lead them - enter General Recon.

General "Coach" Recon

Our concept centered around our lead character, General “Coach” Recon who was inspired by some of the baddest men on the planet. As the AXE Academy General he will lead the next generation of athletes into the future…even if it’s kicking and screaming. He once chopped down an entire forest simply to extend the length of the outfield. He was the first player to receive 5 stars as a young prospect when he led his class in hits, average, OBP, and catchers plowed at the plate.

Upon graduating, General Recon, couldn’t fathom the prospect of swinging what he determined to be “weak wood” in the pros. So he stuck around Axe Academy to mold the next generation of elite prospects into hardened steel utilizing what he deemed “Blood, Sweat and Grind.” His elite team of players, known as “Team Recon” are known to be bold, fearless, above all, first.

The Result

We produced a :30, :60 and :90 spot for TV. Captured still photography for social media and website use and created a social media campaign around the launch of the Axe Academy.

Behind the Scenes

Four camera crews. 2 Photography Crews. 25 Actors and Extras. Over 60 people on set. One night. This is a behind the scenes look at how we pulled it off.

Axe Academy Commercial

ClientAxe BatAgencyFullCircle IntermediaDirectorJustin JarrettExec. ProducerTravis CapaceteProducerJelani ThomasArt DirectorWill RedmondDPAndres Torres & Charlie AskewSoundJay O’hare