obrien schofield

When O'Brien reached out to us, he was looking for a way to connect more directly with his fans and to give them an avenue to get to know the real him. After sitting down and talking to him, we learned that the motto, "Work Hard, Win Easy" was the credo that he based his life around and was something he attributed a big portion of his success to. This led to the video campaign "Work Hard, Win Easy" being born. The campaign is featured on the website we created for him and serves as a window for fans to see into O'Brien's mind.


The Series

The web series consisted of multiple videos that displayed Schofield's interests both on and off the field while also diving into where his passion for the game originated. The series was exclusive to Schofield's website and social media channels.

O’Brien Schofield

Atlanta Falcons Defensive End O’Brien Schofield website and video design.

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